Fan Feedback - Love and Hate Letters

Email from Sean Kelly, Toronto, Canada-- June 2010

Hey Tracy,
My name is Sean, I'm a guitar player in Toronto... I just picked up the live album you did with Dio, and I felt compelled to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your playing on the album... great tone, really creative playing.

I'm currently playing with Nelly Furtado, but I'm a rocker at heart (previously played with Helix, Coney Hatch, and my own band called Crash Kelly), and I just wanted to give you a shout out. I'm a huge Dio fan, and I wish I had paid more attention to your contributions earlier... great work.

All the best!
Sean Kelly

Email from Alexander from the Dio fan club in Russia -- February 2010

Dear Tracy,
We are a bunch of Dio fans from Russia who are very sorry that you left Ronnie back in the 90's ... Why? Frankly, with all due respect for Vivian, Craig, and Rowan we have always deeply regretted that you are no longer with Dio because Strange Highways and Angry Machines (as well as Inferno: Last in Live) seem to be closer to the original concept of heavy metal than most of Ronnie's other solo albums! Why don't you join the Dio band again after (if?) Ronnie finally gets back on track? After the sound of your guitar (and Iommi's) we wouldn't be caught dead listening to anyone who sounds any lighter! Tracy, you are the greatest, we assure you! So please get back with Ronnie and kick ass!! What do you think of that? ...
However, maybe you had a horrible personal clash with the 'Little Man'
(just like Ritchie in the 70's), and there is no way back?
Dear Tracy,
Thanks for your prompt reply to my email! Those who think your solos were bad, are dead wrong! All Russian Dio fans consider that the 90's era albums and live shows with you, happen to be the best in Dio's solo career! We suppose Ronnie was a damn fool to fire you! By the way, was the situation the same with Vinnie who left the band in 1997? Did those stupid fans want to see two drummers in the Dio line-up due to Vinnie's poor performance? (I'm kidding!) My son (15), who belongs to the new heavy metal fans generation, only listens to SH and AM from the whole Dio legacy. I try to convince him otherwise but it's no go! He also says that Jeff Pilson and Larry Dennison are by far the best bassmen that Dio could possibly hire! Do you agree with him? The albums you did with Dio stand closest to what he did with Sabbath on HH, MR, Dehumanizer and the Devil You Know. You should be really proud of what you did for Dio and he should too! I know that we, here in Russia, certainly are! We are also sure that the great music on those two albums was almost exclusively YOUR contribution because it is very different from what we heard on Dio's previous and following albums! Is that so? Also, we would like to know if the optimistic news of Dio's cancer treatment results that Wendy posts Dio's website, is really true or is she just bullshitting the fans? What is the real situation there? Have you visited him in the Houston Mayo Clinic or contacted him on the phone regarding how things are progressing?
Yours truly,
Alexander from the Dio fan club in Russia

Email from Bill Poling, Parma OH. USA -- August 2008

I have followed your work since your presence in WW3. I have always admired your playing, and unique signature sound. You probably have no idea the impact you have had on my playing, and it is all good. Also I would like to thank you!!
I have achieved my own sound and signature; it is in the refining phase, like polishing your car. I still continue to experiment with different pickups/wiring configurations/shielding etc. This to me is one of the ways of obtaining your own sound. I also use effects and I get a lot of slack about it. But this is also a way to obtain your own sound. Also the placement of the effects can make a difference. At a local store I was told there is only one way to wire a guitar right. I laughed!! I asked did you ever wire one? Answer was no!! I was also told by the same person that only x brand of pickups and x and a model was the way to go. I again laughed!! I would really like to thank you for everything. I would also like to mention the fact of your versatility, which I believe is a huge factor. Metal is my preferred listening and playing, but it is good to listen and play different styles to broaden your horizons. I wish you, your loved ones, and friends the best, and have a great holiday weekend!!!
Sincerely your brother in metal,
Bill poling
I spread the gospel about T.G.!!

Email from Mike -- July 2008

Ok so I moved my comp upstairs today, and i was fiddleing around when I saw it was 1pm so i checked the mail and I saw a package for me, I asked Tracy G for a Goad-ed CD booklet and to my suprise there were 2 Sealed Goad-ed CDs in there. I was shocked, it was really nice of him to send me 2 CDs.
I lvoe this album and if you dont own it GO GET IT!
It's called Goad-ed To Die Is Gain. One fo the best albums you will ever buy.
Thats all I have to say.

Email from Gabe Vera -- July 2008

Latin Heart is the best of Tracy's instrumental albums-and that's saying something. Like Erector Pili and The G Factory, Latin Heart proves that Tracy G is in the same league as Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani, and that he is one of the most talented musicians to emerge from the late eighties/early nineties rock scene.
What is amazing about this album is not just the playing itself, but the multitude of diversity. From A Taste of India to Latin Heart to Dark Passion and all the rest, Tracy combines flamenco with modern music and musical styles from around the globe.
Using the classical nylon guitar is difficult but Tracy pulls it off with the grace of a true flamenco musician. With the other musicians on some of the tracks, Tracy makes this album both a continuous solo and the successful efforts of a prodigy band.

Email fromToni B. -- November 2007

To this day I have never heard anybody play with such passion and heartfelt soul as you do. I can listen to you play and lose myself for hours on end, without ever noticing anybody else in the room. You take me to a place where I find Peace, Harmony and Magic only to be found in a place that doesn't exist. I saw it in your eyes thirty years ago the very first time I heard you play. I knew then you were different than every other musician out there. I have never heard anybody play so effortlessly and with such compassion as you. Anybody who knows anything about music can see that it comes from deep within your "BALLS". Each day that passes is one that I feel truly blessed to be a part of your life.
Your #1 Fan

Email fromTerri A. -- October 2007

This is an awesome CD! Wow. I'm forwarding the link to my friends. I can't say I have a favorite... I love them all! I enjoyed reading your descriptions and the details about the songs. It gave me some insight into your vision. But you're right, you just put it on and see where it takes you. It takes you someplace nice--like an escape. And, Siempre Te Amare has a soothing effect...great for in the office!
I had no idea you had this in you. It really showcases your versatility as an artist. What a gift. I'm ordering copies for Christmas presents! We were fans before, Tracy, but now... Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve!

Email from Ron (aka Lucky)

I have been a TracyG fan, ever since first finding the man's work with Ronnie James Dio. To this day, the guitar solo (especially the ending) on the Live release still grabs me. Disk #2 finds its way into my CD changer many times. I now own 5 TracyG CD's but I plan on ordering more, as soon as that fits in the budget.
Pretty soon it will be time for a Spooky G Christmas.
I really liked the new videos, and for some reason I had never heard of World War III, but damn, what a great kickass band that was. Gotta go look for some CD's of that great line-up. Been a Jimmy Bain and Vinny Appice fan for a long time, again thanks to Ronnie James Dio and his various bands. I went to the Dio site, where there was a poll about your favorite Dio guitar player, and I entered TracyG, my login and nickname are Lucky. I also replied to a post on the Dio site, ranking 3 Dio guitar players, Craig Goldy, Doug Aldrich and TracyG. My reply order was #1 TracyG, #2 Doug Aldrich and #3 Craig Goldy. Craig is technically a good guitar player, however I don't enjoy watching him live. Doug is also very good, but I think that TracyG was the BEST guitar player that Dio ever had.

Email from Dave P. , Elkhart, Indiana

Hi Tracy, I just got THE TRACY G GROUP - DEVIATING FROM THE SET LIST cd today I love it, I can't stop listening to it. Tracy you are an awesome guitarist, How did you pickout what songs would be on the cd? I hope you someday play in northern Indiana, it would be cool to see your band perform. Thanks for all the great music.

Email from Leif

Hi Tracy! Just want to tell you that your playing really inspires me, and I play bass!! But you have the coolest style and sound of all. I have a question for you: In the song Jesus, Mary on Strange Highways you have a guitarfill after the solo right before the vocals return. What is that effect? It's the greatest noise I have ever heard. It sounds a bit like a harmonizer or flange but I can't tell for sure.
All the best and keep up the magic!

Email from Chris C.

Thanks Tracy, You Rock!...I appreciate the quick reply back and I'll be looking for the CD in the mail. PS- I've seen Dio live about 10 times...twice with Sabbath and you were the best. You really know how to crunch out some great sounds. "Strange Highway" tour in Phoenix blew me away...I think it was at the Roxy (which no longer exists). I saw you a couple years later in Tempe somewhere (Electric Ballroom I think) was very awesome... Thank You!
I appreciate that. You know I've been really enjoying the tunes a lot and will continue to do so.
I've got to tell you that you have so much variation. Like turning a diamond and seeing the many different fascets.
I hear some strong influences by Beck, Vai, Satriani and others, some I'm probably not familiar with. I hear a lot of YOU ... which is very cool. I hear a lot of super strong power, some beautiful soft things, some latin, some very techno sounds too. The variety is amazing and it is all great!
All of it has one ear mark though... it's all got this BAD ASS presence of a PRO. Like an excellent powerful pro athlete in the NFL walking out on to the field to just play great every time and maybe break some new records. Each song exudes "I'm a big strong intense excellent musician"! I hear BIG ... and it commands my attention. You know what I mean? I love it! I always try to play that way larger than life. (if the gig permits).
I'll keep in touch with you and I'll keep digging the tunes.
My band plays a lot but doesn't flow naturally with writing ... However, now I'm inspired to get with some of the great guitarists I know and get some more of their/my work on disc (current stuff). If and when I succeed, I'll send it to you eventually.
Thanks again. Take care,

Forum posting by Turninpoint

pili means small dick in our dialect

Forum posting by RiotAct666

I wish him luck hope he finds a good singer.
This dude rocked on Dio's Strange Highways/angry machines albums… great sound live too!!

Email from OnTheRoad

Hello Tracy,
I'm listening to your Mistreated from Inferno - The last in live concert album, as i did a thousand times before. I've always thought that it was one of Dio's best albums (actually that way the first album i've ever listened to of his), but lately ive realised that it might be one of the world's gratest albums ever :D Moreover its a live show. I just wanted to tell you, that i know that several Dio fans didn't like your style combined with the Dio band, but i believe that this music you've done here is freakin awesome (really!).
I'd love to listen to your solo work and other albums, unfortunately its pretty hard to get stuff like that in hungary (you are probably not the most britney spears like popular stuff :D), also pretty expensive to order.
Anyways i'm pretty curious. Also that music one your website is amazing (especially one track, i donno the title, but starts with the drums and then bass, ah its useless to describe it this way :)).
Never stop playin, and once in awhile visit hungary, rock on!

Forum posting by mayer94

Those are Dio's worse two CD's, especially AM, nothing but NOISE! Tracy G SUCKS! He's a butcher on guitar, awful! I wish he'd stop trying and go become a garbage man or some clean the road kills off the highway!

Forum posting by The Might Metal Pete

DIO-Inferno: Last In Line. This was a pretty decent LIVE album. Tracey G was killer on World War III.

Forum posting by Branikald_44

Good solid albums back in mid 90s. Dio never disappoints!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tracy G is a great guitarist

Forum posting by John Bull from Ohio

Its beyond me that your not more well know you should be in every guitar world and guitar one mag awesome underated guitarist for sure!

Email from Mike M.

I received my copy of Metaphor yesterday. Have played it 3 times. It is sterling. I have always enjoyed your distinctive playing style and this is your best work , in my opinion. Strange Highways and Erector Pili are smoking, but this is from another world. The band is tight, rhythm section is locked in, and the vocals are refreshing. I hope you sell a ton of this jewel. Good rock and roll is hard to come by lately, so thanks for bringing it home.
Favor to ask , as I am not one to steal or download music. I buy, that's the way it should be. I would like to know if you would mind if I had a copy made of the CD ? I want to send in to my son, he is a SGT. serving in Iraq in the US Army. He is a gunner on top of a Humvee. My next care package will include this if you give me an OK. I think he and his comrades will dig it. I hope your holiday season is a great. Here is also wishing you and the band make it to Chicago one day to perform live. Congratulations, nice work.
Congratulations, nice work

Forum posting by rob_mckillop

I definitely agree with you about Angry Machines, but I really think you should give Strange Highways another chance. I think that was a very innovative album with some interesting/progressive moments; and there's nothing overly commercial or "alternative" about it - it's still a heavy metal record. Maybe the first song is a bit weak but the rest of the album has some great stuff! The song Pain is very heavy, doom-like Sabbath-inspired song. Yeah, Tracy's solos are a bit noisy, but technically he is still good - technique etc.

Forum posting by Rick Neilsen's Cap (in response to mayer94 comment)

Doesnt know what hes talking about..I seen the guy play live.. I KNOW...hes good, and angry machines was uneven Ill agree with that, Hell, Dio would agree with that..But to say the dude cant play.. Makes mayer sound like a kid that doesnt know shit about guitar work...

Forum posting by PippiLongstocking

Tracy,.....Repeat after me... "Do you want fries with that?" Now,...see? You're qualified for something..... Tracy G is possibly the worst hack in heavy metal guitar history. ....and remember, back in 2005, Tracy recorded an album that was mastered in Scot Clayton's basement! Oh Joy!

Email from Raven

So am currently listening to Epic ~ In between putting in 9 hr days I don't have a lot of time for creative fulfillment till my last day comes at this god forsaken job, which is Fri. So your music is actually a much needed shot right now. I needed something new, everything currently in my audio library has been heard too many times...
The song that hits me the most from this one is Learning... there's a spiraling feel to it, a leading to hidden/deeper realities in a way, at least for me. Hmm and Solid Ground ~ I love the combination of distortion and classic strat feel in the layers. There's a grace that comes across in it. Then there's of course your acoustic stylings in Same Way that I enjoyed due to the fact that I can see you're not a musician that's stuck in one genre from that song alone... When I listen to music I follow what takes me on an inner journey usually and those hit me at my core due to a personal journey I am on currently. But then listen again and I love Strange Blessings... It's got such a classic rock-n-roll feel... oh, hell, you're just damn good Tracy!!
Bloody Hell, Tracy!!!! I've only gotten through disc 1 of "Deviating..." & I am throughly impressed how you've owned each song. Though, I do have to say due to my current meloncoly frame of mind "The sky is crying" & "People get ready" happen to just hit me at my core. I LOVED what you did with those 2 songs. Based on that alone I'll be telling my ever so small circle of friends about you. Can't wait to be able to listen to it and write ~mmm. I can feel that certain vibe coming up... & I've not even gotten all the way through to Buddy's track...
And I didn't even tell you that the whole reason I thought you completely rocked in the first place was because of Lamborghini Blues... f'ing loved that one too...
Yesterday I took the time to finish Deviating and damn if you didn't cease to turn me on... and no this isn't a come on. Music touches all of me. Such tracks as Them Changes or Going Down had a raw sexuality that came across to me that I found mmm... very delightful in a sub-atomic way. But when I got to2DI4 tears came to my eyes... I can only imagine what inspired it.
Thanks again for taking the time to share your music w/ me. Many Blessings at this time to you & yours...
XXX's Baby and many wishes for much success

Forum posting by speedy1383

He was my least favorite guitarist by far who played with Dio. I just didn't think his playing was very good on those albums. Glad Dio got rid of him.

Email from Mike M.

I received my copy of Metaphor yesterday. Have played it 3 times. It is sterling. I have always enjoyed your distinctive playing style and this is your best work , in my opinion. Strange Highways and Erector Pili are smoking, but this is from another world. The band is tight, rhythm section is locked in, and the vocals are refreshing. I hope you sell a ton of this jewel. Good rock and roll is hard to come by lately, so thanks for bringing it home.
Favor to ask , as I am not one to steal or download music. I buy, that's the way it should be. I would like to know if you would mind if I had a copy made of the CD ? I want to send in to my son, he is a SGT. serving in Iraq in the US Army. He is a gunner on top of a Humvee. My next care package will include this if you give me an OK. I think he and his comrades will dig it. I hope your holiday season is a great. Here is also wishing you and the band make it to Chicago one day to perform live. Congratulations, nice work.
Congratulations, nice work

Email from Bryan Karkosky

Hello, I am reading the new book DIO - Light Beyond The Black. I got to the part last night where you said people hate your playing. I got to thinking about that last night. I saw you during the Strange Highway Tour in San Jose, CA. twice. And even I myself didn’t like you, but I had nothing to base that on. I really loved both shows and your playing was great. I feel ashamed at myself for feeling that way towards you. I myself play guitar, but am the type that has to work everything out and by doing that I lose the feel that you give. I love the fact you play for the moment and not note for note. I don’t understand the DIO fans, look at Greg Goldie, I think he did a fine job on the last few DIO albums, but when you read stuff from the “fans?” they hate his guts. Do people want Viv back in the band? He has stated a number of times that he does not like heavy metal and does not want to be in a lead position. Like you said in the book “ If that were to happen it would be only for the money”. Who in the hell do they think is going to be this super badass player that will blow everyone away? I grabbed the disks that you played on with DIO this morning and checked them out. The stuff you did with Mistreated was great and I love the sound you get, but I guess you do fill in some spots in the old songs that people get used to hearing either nothing or something simple and you work around it. Now for a live show I thinks that’s great. I don’t want to hear the same song note for note live or I’ll save my money and hear the studio disk. On your own CD no one should have a problem with you because you were filling a void with DIO at the time and the stuff you guys did was a bit different. People were bitching even back then about the dragons and rainbows, but the second you all took them out they crapped themselves. I at that time was just happy DIO was still going. I apologize to you for thinking you sucked, when there is no friggin way I could play like you. You did a fantastic job back then and your spontaneity will now be missed. Don’t worry about the little pinheads that write sh!t about you. It’s not like Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie, Blackmore, or some other well-known guys are writing that stuff. It’s little Bobby Peckerwood from Cut and Crap, California that could not play himself out of a paper bag and just wants to tear someone down. Again the stuff you said in that book hit me and I was a total dick for following the mags and “fans?” on that one.
Please stay strong and stay metal!!
A new FAN,

Email from Dain "NiteMan" Crachette

I'd just like to express my sincere admiration for your guitar playing. It wasn't untill I heard the Strange Highways album that I found that I liked the Dio band... I've always liked Ronnie as a vocalist & songwritter, but his bands also seemed to be too cliche & mainstream in his post-Sabbath yearts... and it was all due to the guitar playing. I always hear people stuck in nostalgi going-on about how Dio is nothing without Viv Campbell, who no-doubt was an excellent guitarist, but I always end-up refering them to the 'Inferno' album for a tast of what Tracy G had to offer. The Dio band just hasn't had that kind of creativity or power behind it since you left... I really like Doug Aldrich, but he doesn't have the "inventiveness" that you do... Your style has been an inspiration to me as a guitar player. Being as I only recently discovered your work over about the last year, I'm writting also to find-out what are some other highlights of your career I might enjoy? I'd be anxious to hear some of your classical guitar playing, also, if you have any references? I'd like to thank you again for the inspiration and the amazing music you've contributed to the world... Hope to see you out there some time! WE ROCK!

Email from Angel Baby

Tracy G is the guitar wizard of the universe. There is absolutely no one else that can play the guitar like him.I have known him for 25 years.he taught me to play Dirty Deeds, and Problem Child on my Les Paul copy. Which I have to say, are two of my favorite AC/DC songs still to this day.When I first saw Tracy play he had a band called Riff Raff which played that AC/DC song. I will never forget the first solo I ever saw him play, I still have never heard anyone play that song like he did. He made an Angus Young's lick even heavier.That reminds me of the Deviating >From The Set List double CD that he put out. I can't believe that he can make the song, Into the Void, even heavier and crunchier, than the original.He would say, "I fucked it all up," with a little grin on his face. That is how Tracy plays every single note, with his heart and balls. He never just hits a note, he makes it scream. HIs latest CD is called Metaphor,with his band EPIC.I think this band is the perfect fit for Tracy. The singer Brad writes great lyrics and," doesn't scream,ever" as Tracy would say,has a message in every song.Larry on bass, playing the killer bass riffs, and Forrest banging the hell out of his drums.The video, Strange Blessings, is awesome,with shots of Tracy's new baby, his Goldtop.Tracy was born to play that guitar. Please keep on makin that thing scream. I look forward to hearing all the music that you will make with it. I want to thank you Tracy, for always being there for me, and always making that music, the way you do.Like only you can!!!
Love ya,



Email from Wendi T (Number 1 Fan) Atlanta

Tracy is the most passionate musician I have ever heard. His guitar playing digs deep into your soul and you never want to turn it off. You can feel his passion and love of music in every song from the heavy Goaded cd to the melodic, beautiful music on Katt Gutt. His covers on Deviating from the Set List are incredible, from Zeppelin to Hendrix, and especially on Beck's People Get Ready. Tracy's guitar playing on People Get Ready gives me chills every time I hear it, it's the most beautiful, spiritual version I have ever heard and I'm wearing my cd out listening to it over & over! His latest cd, Metaphor is incredible, I'm also wearing that one out!!
Music is such an important part of my life. Tracy's music fills me up with passion and I find myself looking forward to his next cd. I know it will be amazing, as is Tracy. Everybody needs to experience Tracy G, it will bring passion and joy to your life and like me, you'll be left wanting more... WE ROCK!


Another thing that i admire about you is you seem to be a really down to earth person. I also agree with a lot of your view points, like buying an Eddie Van Halen guitar and a 5150. Really there is no reason to do that unless your playing in a cover band , in my opinion. When you by a guitar it should feel comfortable to you. If it doesnt feel right then it isnt the right one for you. Same with amps and effects. I have heard people down you because of your use of effects. but i never did. I thought it was very unique and it is part of your signature sound. I have another question for you if you have time. I noticed the bass heads and i have heard some guitarists use bass heads and their sound is astonishing. Have you ever used say one of your guitar heads and bass heads simutaneously? And when you use your bass head do you use the marshall cabinets? I should add that i find Igor very unique, the most interesting board that i have seen yet, kind of scary looking.

Email from Maggie May

Tracy G totally rocks~! His playing is crisp, clean, loud and clear~! My teenage boys and his friends dig his CDs and we listen all the time. Tracy G is fucking sexy~!!!

Email from David

Tracy... I had a chance to listen to your new record, Metaphor. Wow.
You've got a lot of very creative stuff going on musically on this new record. Some really interesting dissonance. You have a great feel for musical tension and resolution...
I got a sense that your live sound is probably heavier than what the record portrays, but it was very cool to be able to hear each instrument clearly in the mix. Like I mentioned before your guitar playing is incredible, and I really like Brads voice. His lower register is similar to Axl, but his upper register is very much like my favorite singer: David Coverdale. Very soulful and transparent.
I get a sense from Brad's lyrics and style that he has been through some tough times, but retains most of his optimism. His lyrics seem to face the reality of a harsh world with guarded optimism. I like his take on things.
The lyrical content doesn't have the sing-songy cadence of a greeting card, but is more stream of consciousness. Some of it resonated really well with me. I liked: The Same Line, What Matters, My Own Garden, and Another. I also really liked the Spanish flavored acoustic piece. Very well done.
I know it's an old cliche' but this record is thinking man's metal. Your playing is far beyond the "Look how fast I can play a pentatonic scale" stage, and into the exploration of dissonance and consonance. Brad's lyrics tell the stories of how life can get very complicated, and right and wrong are not always so clear cut. But starting over is always an option.
I also thought that the bass and drums really held the rhythm. They almost seemed to disappear into the music. These guys clearly know how to play well, and how to play for the song.
I gotta say I really like this record.