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Posted 12-23-2011


Korn Drummer Ray Luzier and Dio guitarist Tracy G unleash Goaded "To Die is Gain"

This cd was originally recorded in 2008 and has now been given its official release through Spooky G Records and distributed through Super D distribution in North America.

The 12 song product is an unreal reminder of what kind of guitar player Tracy G is and what type of power G and Luzier bring to the world. Along with Larry Dennison on bass and Jason Witte on vocals this CD delivers a very heavy, modern and groove filled opus that keeps your attention for its 52 minutes of music.

If you are expecting the project to sound like Dio or Korn it is neither. This is a very heavy modern project with melodic yet growling type of vocals that hit you right between the ears and has its own sound.

Produced by Joe Floyd and Goaded and recorded at the G factory this is only the first release that Luzier and Grijalva will be releasing throughout 2012 from the work they have done together in the recent past. All of it showing their unique vision on music and their unique over the top abilities they both posses.

Also in the spring of 2012 there will be a book about Tracy G's time while in Dio to cover the tryouts and landing the gig in 1993 all the way to the departure in 1999. Grijalva was with Ronnie James Dio for 6 years which is longer than any other guitar player ever spent with Ronnie without leaving and coming back at one time in his career to include Blackmore and Iommi.

Posted 12-7-2011


Tracy G's Spooky G label Gets North American Distribution

Ex Dio guitarist Tracy G and his Spooky G Label has signed a deal to be distributed in North America through Super D who currently stock the world's largest selection of music, movies and games.

The first two releases from the Spooky G label will be Goaded's "To Die is Gain" Featuring Tracy on guitar, Larry Dennison (Ex Dio) on Bass, Jason Witte on Vocal and Korn Drummer Ray Luzier. Also The New Tracy G group release Controlled Chaos with Johnny B on Drums and Vocals and Eddie Frisco on Bass.

Both releases will be available starting in the middle of December through all Super D outlets and will also be available through all the usual digital stops as well.

In 2012 a book of Tracy's time while in DIO will also be released. The book will cover everything from day one at the first audition all the way to the departure in 1999. It will be a must have and read for all Tracy and DIO fans alike.

To see Goaded go watch the video to Watch The Empire Fall here and be sure to check out More of Tracy's product since his DIO days go to his official Web Site.

Tracy is back and better than ever. More news to come soon...

Posted 11-15-2011


Former DIO guitarist Tracy G Grijalva has just currently released a new CD with his group The Tracy G Group called Controlled Chaos available on his own Spooky G Records. Tracy is joined by Johnny B on Drums and vocals and Eddie Frisco on bass.

He is also working on a book that will chronicle his time while in DIO from 1993 through 1999. The book will talk about everything from his initial try out for the band, how he got that chance and also the end of the line for him in DIO. G will talk about the writing process, the touring, his feelings on the band and also his own private thoughts about working with Ronnie James Dio during this time.

For the first time since his departure in 1999 Tracy is putting it all out there for the fans to live through him the experience of being in a band with the biggest influential singer of modern history. He will go through the process of writing, getting ready for the tours and also only things he would know about that time.

Tracy has been busy since he left DIO in 1999 be a part of 23 releases in that time.

The new CD was just recently released through his own web site and will be in stores in just weeks as well and on itunes and all the normal digital sites. You can also get some of his past releases like Goaded "To Die Is Gain" (2008) featuring Larry Dennison on Bass (DIO) Ray Luzier on Drums (Korn) and Jason Witte on Vocals to an incredible Latin release Grijalva (2007) and A Frsoty G Christmas in 2009.

Tracy has been mixing all styles since leaving DIO but it is always the heavy creative side that makes him the monster he is that is still as evident today as it was in 1993. Go visit him at and and s

stay tuned for information on the upcoming book as well.

Posted 10-28-2011

Controlled ChaosThe Tracy G Group "CONTROLLED CHAOS" is now available.
Sound clips in the Store now.

Get the CD in the Store and on Facebook.
Get MP3 Downloads in the Store here.

Posted 10-19-2011

Sorry to say that the gig for scheduled for Thursday, October 20th has been cancelled.

Stay tuned for info on the next show...

Posted 10-14-2011

The Tracy G Group (Tracy G, Johnny B, and Eddie Frisco) will be playing on Thurday, October 20th at the Aztec Hotel / Brass Elephant. The show is from 9pm-1am. The telephone number is (626) 358-3231 and the address is:
Aztec Hotel / Brass Elephant
311 W. Foothill Blvd.
Monrovia, California 91016

Posted 9-11-2011

The Tracy G GroupThe Tracy G Group (Tracy G, Johnny B, and Eddie Frisco) is back at T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill in LA VERNE (not Monrovia) California on Saturday, September 24th at 9:00pm. The address is 2335 D Street, La Verne Caliifornia. Telephone (909) 392-8653.
Click the pic on the left for details. See you there!

Posted 7-18-2011

The Tracy G GroupTracy G, Johnny B, and Eddie Frisco are back at T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill in Monrovia California on Saturday, July 23rd at 9:00pm. The address is 601 S Myrle Ave, Monrovia, Caliifornia. Telephone (909) 256-4253..
Click the pic on the left for details. See you there!

Posted 4-2-2011

The Tracy G GroupAnother show is scheduled for Tracy G Group at T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill in La Verne California on Saturday, April 16th at 9:00pm. There's no age limit and no cover charge, so come out and have a great time. The address is 2335 D Street, La Verne Caliifornia. Telephone (909) 392-8653.
Click the pic on the left for details. Hope to see you there!

Posted 3-17-2011

T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill ShowEverybody is invited to an upcoming show of The Humidor Tikis with special guest Tracy G. The show is at the T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill in Monrovia California on Saturday, March 26th at 8:00pm. The address is 601 S. Myrtle Ave.

Click the pic on the left for details. Hope to see you there!

Posted 1-10-2011

T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill ShowThanks to everybody who came to the last T. Phillips Alehouse & Grill show in December... It was a great time. The Tracy G Group will be there again on Saturday, February 26, at 9:00pm, with special guests Chandice Anastasia, Randy Jones, Mark Bramlett, and Adam Webber.

Click the pic on the left for details. Hope to see you there!